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For 15 years we've helped communities do more with less.

Through continuous delivery, you can have the latest technologies at a fraction of the cost.

Project Spotlight:

Launching in January 2014, will be the nation's largest municipal website powered by WordPress. The code will be available to any municipality through Github.

  • 450,000 Residents
  • Open Source
  • WordPress, Nginx
WordPress for Local Government

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Luminopolis builds municipal websites and civic apps

Building civic stuff

We're a nimble team of civic geeks.

Founded in 2003, what began as a simple way to help people understand proposed developments evolved into a full service civic technology shop. Our aim is very simple: deliver high value for local government at affordable cost through open source. Whether the project is a municipal website, standing up a civic app, or migrating to state of the art cloud hosting, consider us your civic geeks.

Meet the Founders

Civic Geek

Jase Wilson

Born in a rural Midwestern town. Studied cities & technology at MIT. Has worked with communities around the world over the past decade.

The Wolf

Briston Davidge

Pragmatist. Programmer. Animal rescuer. Neighborhood activist. Known as "The Wolf" for his ability to get things done.

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